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Hello! This is Eldra.

Eldra McCrackenThis is the official page of Eldra McCracken.

This site is for you, so you can see who I am, what I love, etc.

There will be many pictures because I love images. They are here to inspire you.

There will also be links to sites I find beneficial, and other sites I own.

I am very interested in inspiring people everywhere to own their power.

I am a dancer. It is my passion! I love moving my body, and challenging it, and adding new body vocabulary.

I enjoy travel and have traveled many places. I love to learn about new cultures, see different ways of living, and learn more aout myself by moving out of my routine.

I love adventure and challenge. And I love learning new things!

I have had varied experiences, which have taught me a lot, and I'm going to share my expertise with you to assist you.

I have studied nutrition and alternative health for over 7 years, and could very easily have web sites about that, but choose to address other issues that are not being addressed as commonly or as well.

I have worked with Psychotherapists and specifically reactive attatchment disorder children (RAD). They are the children that if not assisted and sever enough in their disorder become the serial killers of the future. (And where I worked we had great results working with these children. )

I have had the challenges of working through and recovering from personal traumas such as sexual abuse as a child and domestic violence. (And went through therapy of my own to heal from it.)

I am a licensed massage therapist as well, versed in many modalities (I know a lot of different styles of massage.), including Accupressure, Craniosacral therapy, Russian sports Massage, Shiatsu, Hydrotherapy (all that cool stuff the spas do :-), and more.

And I have spent years studying various types of martial arts, weapons, and fighting styles to learn to protect myself and my family, including learning from world famous martial artists.

One of my abilities is to be able to put all of this information into a big picture, and to make it simple to use and apply.

Through all of my knowledge I have found the best nutrition to follow, the best excercises and movements to use to have a great body, the way to find emotional balance and health, what is the best information for keeping yourself and family safe and protected, specific information for womens health and wellbeing, how to appreciate what is good in the world, and more.

Now not every thing works for everybody, and not every style works for everybody, but if you want some strighforward, uncomplicated information from someone who's been there, done that, and found answers and clarity, then look, listen, learn, and transform!

Everything I recommend is information I use on a regular basis, things I know that work. I have used every bit of it personally.

You won't find random theorys here. It is information that has been tested in the real world, and works!

It's the information you always wished that those who seem to have everything in life going for them would share with you, so you can have it too.

Well, now you have it! :) And all in a way that makes it simple and saves you time.

As you visit my sites, you will find more about me when I feel it is relevant and important to share some of my stories and life experiences with you.

So keep your eyes and ears open and learn from my mistakes, my victories, and my experience.

A photo of my husband and I river rafting! :)

Eldra McCracken

P.S. There is additional information and photos coming up as well!

© Eldra McCracken